Go Pro and Grow Campaign for the Empowered Kids school program of Love N Grace Healing Centers. image

Go Pro and Grow Campaign for the Empowered Kids school program of Love N Grace Healing Centers.

Because of you care's made available to students no matter where they are by building virtual programs.

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$22,500 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Students that have learned to use the skills they learned from Empowered Kids:

Michael got help by learning skills to break through the darkness, depression, from his loneliness and family disfunction.

Jasmine's father left them and doesn't called. She felt rejected but is learning how to look for hope each day.

Sam was abused. No one seems to understand his anger outbursts. Now he's learning that his anger is because of the pain he feels inside. He is learning their are safe people that want to listen and help.

Sara's unwanted. She's living with her Grandma but no wants to spend time with her. Sara's makes bad choices to control the attention in the room. She's learning she can also make choices that control the attention she gets from healthy people. She's making progress, she so enjoys each time the team from Empowered Kids calls her name to come be with them in the program.

Tony is so sorry for the accident. He believes he's bad but he hurt someone else. He just wants his dad to love him. It took a couple of years for him to share the pain of how dad physically hurt him back. As tears role down his face he learns truth. That revenge is not the way.

The stories keep going. I often say that any horrible thing you've experienced or have watched on TV has happened to God's little children. They learn that LOVE is something obtainable. Crazy right?

You can help the children in our community by sponsoring one. Pick a story that speaks to your heart and poor into the 1000's of kids in our community. The stories and names have been altered to protect their identity.

Your donations will save and change their lives by empowering them with resilience skills to overcome adverse childhood experiences.