STOP the unhealthy issues, by HEALING. image

STOP the unhealthy issues, by HEALING.

Listening and LOVE mean everything!

$26,945 raised

$200,000 goal

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The impact of your donation transforms their lives and effects us all!

Your donation heals up their hurts by showing them the Love of Christ as we listen, then lead them to heal. Along the way they...

  • Discover their worth
  • Are able to learn
  • Resolve past hurts
  • Are able to contribute

Your donation allows all private sessions to be at no cost because you have chosen to pay it forward.


Rev. Deb Yonkers, Executive Director

PS: This year have your IRA withdraw can directly into making our community healthier. How? By STOPPING unhealthly choices and HEALING children and adults so they can LIVE LIFE HEALED.

Love N Grace Healing Centers and Empowered Kids are DBA's of Kingdom Homestead a 501Cs.